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UK goes Arctic 29/9-3/10

A group of 4 experienced spearos from the UK, Andy,Andy,Neale and John joined us for 5 days of guided spearfishing in the end of .

They scored big already on the first day.

Andy Lewis got beauty, 90 kg + halibut. He got a good second shot in and the fish really gave us a good tango on the boat. But before that when John had an eye on Andy tailing the fish John stumbles upon something that would put an extra insane twist into this whole experience.

John spotted a 70 kg halibut while Andy is about to tail his 90 kg but. They are just 5 meter from each other. HECTIC! He have no gun because it was used on Andys fish. I throw him a gun and Andy unclips his float and line and give to John. Intense teamwork. John fires a shot and the fish takes off like a train, 200 meter run with the float. First we have to get Andys massive fish in the boat then drive up and chase the runaway bride and secure a second shot and put a ring on that tail. Everything works out and two massive fishes landed in 20 minutes. It takes long cold hours before things happen up here but when its ON you forget all about that. Learn from John. Never stop looking at the bottom.

Second day was very vindy and conditions were hard. We came up with zero fish and finished of early.

On the third day the wind was to strong to hit our usual spots so we drove 1 hour with the car and got another boat in one of our sheltered areas. Thats the good part about our locations. We always find spots to dive in rough condtions. The area we dove is a well known current that holds big halibut.

John spotted a massive halibut,prob 90-100 kg fish on 10 meters depth and called for Neale. Neale went down and got really close but his saftey had was on. The fish took off and left the crew in frustation. The saftey on RA guns can be tricky and just a little bump on the buttom can put the saftey on. Andy Romeril swims up to the boat and said that he spotted a 70 kg fish that took off juist before he manage to shoot it. Andy Lewis saw a halibut in the 10-15 kg range but decied to let it swim. It turned out that our back up spot really delivered. No buts landed today but thats just how it goes sometimes.

Fourth day and we are back in the outside areas of Tromsø. The ocean had calmed down and 4 hours into drifting it was Andy Romeril time to dance. After the close encounter with a shaky big one on the third day he manage to land a 55 kg.Andy stoned it, he turned down a second shot offer and just asked for the tail rop with a calm and very relaxed tone. Slick! Now Neale was the only one left to score a halibut. After 1 hour Andy gives the signal to Neale. While we were fucking around with the boat taking photos Andy had been swimming on top of a halibut against the current for 10 minutes. Neale swims up to him,dives down and get a good shot in. The fish rushes hard for deeper waters but the boys handled it like pros. A proper 29 kg magic carpet for Neale!

Fifth day we covered some new grounds. We got some good sizes cod and plaice for tea. Andy Romeril encountered a 40 kg halibut but it took of like train without him having the chance to shot. We finished up early to make sure we had the time to fillet and prepare the catches of today and yesterday.

In total the crew ended up with one halibut each on their trip with us. Some nice plaice and cod were also taken for tea. These guys showed inspiring teamwork. Just a great group of people to be around. Experienced, focused and generous with the rum. Looking forward to see you guys again next year. 80 kg of pure fish fillets headed home with the boys in styrofoam boxes. The rest of the catches ended up in the local community.

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