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Stockholm meets Halibut 13-14/9

Taggade ?

Peter,Peter and Jari joined us for 2 days of guided spearfishing. They all live in Stockholm and they were interested in some mixed activities with us. We planned the 2 days to include hunting cod, scallop picking, sport fishing with rod and ofc some long drifts after halibut.

We started out the first day by spotting some nice halibuts ,but they took off like rockets before a shot was possible. A couple off cods on the spear wouldnt make up for dinner so we decided to bring the rods into to play. We quickly got some nice cods. I gave my special wobbler a trolling session and we landed a nice 8 kg halibut.

Second day started with some scallop picking. After some fresh scallops with soy sauce we were back to halibut hunting. The team put their trust in Jari from Denmark. He is the most experienced and has done alot of hunting after seatrout and flounders in Denmark. He is always first in the water and has that crazy, focused hunting look on his face while diving . Halibuts like that type of spearos. First drift he lands a beautiful fish of 12 kg size. Total happiness in the boat.

He takes a break and I do some trolling with the wobbler again. Smack, 12,5 kg halibut hooked on 8 meters off water and after a intense fight we manage to land it.

Jari regain some powers and goes drifting hard again. Me and Peter holds the boat and after a while we see him dive in shallow water. I say thats a good sign and seconds after, the float rushes like crazy and Jari screams HAAAALLLIBUTTT. Now everyone joins the hunt. Peter jumps in the water with his gun to get a sceond shot, the other Peter swims like a hero against the current and puts a nice third shot in. Outstanding teamwork and Jari managed to put the rope around its tail to truly secure the fish. We haul it onboard and the stoke is unreal.

A 78 kg fish to bring home! 50 kg of pure file splitted up between

families and friends. They had promised the folks back home a seafood party and a party they shall have!

Thanks Peter,Peter and Jari for the flubbel and two great days on the ocean!

Cheers Axel

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