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Terms and Conditions

1. Registration
Registration for a trip is binding for the customer when he / she pay deposit. The deposit is 20% of
the total payment. The registration is binding for Arctic Spearfishing AS when we receive the
predetermined deposit amount from the customer before the due date stated on the invoice.


2. Final payment
The remaining part of the total amount must be received by Arctic Spearfishing AS no later than 60
days before departure.
The final payment date is shown on the final invoice.

3. Insurance

Each individual participant is responsible for holding relevant and valid insurance policies.

4. Cancellation

In case of cancellation by customer later than 90 days before departure, no part of the deposit
amount will be refunded. In case of cancellation later than 60 days before departure, no part of the
amount paid will be refunded. In case of cancellation after deposit paid but 90 days before
departure, cancellation is possible for a cancellation fee of 100 euro.

5. Absence, unused activities etc.
If the customer has not canceled the trip and / or not arrives at the specified time and place for
departure or the customer cannot take up or complete the trip due to missing travel documents, valid
identification etc. Arctic Spearfishing has the right to accrue the total price on the journey. If the
customer is absent from booked transports, or otherwise does not use the activities that are ordered,
the customer cannot demand compensation for the unused activities.

6. Responsibility
Please include any past injuries/medical conditions and food allergies/dietary restrictions on the
resume required. Spearfishing trips require some degree of physical fitness and inherent risk. Arctic
Spearfishing AS and its affiliates, and trip members, cannot be held responsible for unforeseen
events such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, delayed flights, participants illness,
accidents, deaths or other unforeseen events
During a spearfishing trip our participants are obliged to compensate for any damages caused to
property, domicile
with fixtures, boats, engines, tools etc that they cause. Our trip members also have a similar
responsibility for such damage caused by persons that they in some other way gives access to the
properties of our trip.

6.1 Arctic Spearfishing AS arranges rental of holiday homes and is not the owner of these. Arctic
Spearfishing AS
safeguards the holiday home owners; interests in connection with the liquidation of the lease.
Neither Arctic Spearfishing AS nor the holiday home owner can be held liable for any losses that
occur by theft or other external influences that affect the clients private assets

6.2 All forms of transport ordered through Arctic Spearfishing AS. Responsibility in connection
with eg. delays, lost connections etc, though not limited to this, lies with the individual
transport companies. Arctic Spearfishing AS thus assumes no responsibility for
transportation. The transport companies terms and conditions shall be available to
passengers on request.

7. Marketing/media

All media ; pictures and movie taken by staff of Arctic Spearfishing AS during our trips can be used
in marketing purpose. This marketing can include name of participants. 

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