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Lofoten - Spearfishing camp

The Lofoten Islands is one of the most stunning places on earth and a spearfishing and fishing heaven. 

We know Lofoten and we have put together a  camp that set you up for a raw and unique spearfishing experience. Hunting different types of fish with different types of techniques in stunning surroundings. Sneak up on big size 6-10 kg Pollack in underwater cliffs, hunt big 10-25 kg cod and Coalfish out in the open ocean and ofc search the bottom for the majestic halibut. Other tasty species like lemon sole,monkfish,crab and scallop are also on the target list.

Our camp location is a great fishing lodge located in the scenic fishing village Ballstad. Fully equipped units, kitchen, fish cleaning station and big freezer possibilities to make sure you get some high quality fish with you back home.


Day 1  Arrival day. We share a nice welcome dinner in the evening and go through important info and plans for the upcoming hunt.

Day 2  We go for a shore dive in a beautiful spot on the tip of Lofoten Islands. Awesome undergrounds structures and kelp fields. We check gears, go through diving and hunting techniques. We focus on getting used to the water here, and we try to find some nice fish for dinner. Target species: Big Pollack, cod and coalfish. During the drive back, we pass a lot of scenic spots here in Lofoten and we are able to stop and take walk around in the epic surroundings.

Day 3  Full day spearfishing from our boat in a nice area for halibut, cod and coalfish. We focus on getting a mixed bag of fish.

Day 4  If the weather allows us we head to our open ocean fishing grounds. This spot is legendary and one of the strongest offshore ocean currents in the world. We know how to time the tidal current to be able to dive here. Here you find the biggest cod and coalfish in Norway. Coalfish pushing the 20 kg mark and cod pushing the 25 kg mark. It's a wild and spectacular place.

Day 5  We focus hard on halibut and go the distance to make sure we have the best chance of finding one of these big flatties.

Day 6  Departure day. We get gears and fish nicely packed and ready for departure.

15 kg octoberhaaaalibut from today. The

Total price : 13 500:- nok/per person

Includes accommodation, professional guiding, spearfishing gear (weights/gun/float/line), fuel and transfer (airport, ferry terminal).


Extra dive day

Depending on interest of the group it’s possible to extend the camp with one extra dive day. We can go all in Halibut hunting or focus on a more mixed type of spearfishing. This must be decided  in the booking process.
2000:- per extra day/per person


Design your own camp

If you are a group of 4 people we can design the camp after specific requests. We have local knowledge and are happy to provide numerous options and suggestions for guests who wish to add some extra activities and experiences to your trip. Mountain hiking, outdoor camping, northern light and midnight safari, crab fishing etc. Let us know and we can make it happen.


Note: Weather can sometimes be rough up here and in case of bad storms we will try to make
the best out of it, shore dive in sheltered places etc.


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