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Learn to freedive and spearfish with us here in Lofoten! 

Introduction to freediving

No matter what your background in diving is, this course will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience. You will learn the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breath-hold dive. This course is designed to be an introduction to freediving for the complete beginner. It aims to help the student to develop basic skills, knowledge and safety procedures necessary to enjoy freediving safely within the limits of their experience.


  • Theory - Equipment, Safety

  • Breathing for freediving – Breathing exercises, Relaxation

  • Equalisation – The need to equalise and basic equalisation techniques

  • Safety for freediving - Avoiding and reacting to blackout and loss of motor control, Buddying

  • Technique - Finning / Duck diving

Price: 1600 nok 

Includes freediving gear (suit,snorkel+mask,fins and weight belt)

Duration: 5 hours

Introduction to spearfishing

This is an great opportunity to learn the basics of spearfishing. Together with our guide you will go through equipment, saftey and bascic hunting techniques. We will cover how to hunt different type of fish and how to harvest other tasty things from the ocean like edable seeweed, shellfish and crustance.

Getting this type of knowledge from someone who has been doin it professionally for decades is the best way you can start your spearfishing career. Our goal is to make you comfortable with the basic spearfishing teqnigues and be able to secure your on catch at the end of the session.



  • Safety

  • Hunting techniques

  • Equipment

  • Catch and cook- How to take best care of your catch.

Price: 1800 nok

Includes spearfishing and freediving gears

Duration: 5 hours


Time and place

 All courses will be held outside by the ocean, in a area 10- 30 min from Leknes (vestvågøy). When you signed up for a course, you will receive an email from your intructor with information about were and when to meet up etc.

Normally the courses starts at 10.00 and finish around 15.00 but due to weather and other factors, time can be changed by the instructor.

We provide courses for individuals and groups . Contact us here and we try to find a date for you.

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