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Guided fishing trips Lofoten

We offer exclusive guided sport fishing around the rich waters of Lofoten Islands!

Guided daytrips


We on focus on people who wish to experience the real epic fishing that Lofoten Islands offers.

We go all in. Full and half day guided trips with customized boat, top gear and knowledge to give you a good chance to hook up on big cod, coalfish halibut and other species that roam the Arctic sea. We often encounter different whales, sea eagles and other stunning wildlife during our trips.

We have several years experience of fishing up here. Halibut fishing isn't easy. You have to know the areas, the behavior of the fish and have the right gear. Our 23 ft aluminium front cabin boat is located in Ballstad. Ballstad is a very scenic and sharming fishing village in Lofoten, located 15 min from Leknes. We also offer fishing camps  ->  6-days package trip.

Midnight sun fishing

Join us fishing in the night! The sun dosen't go down during late May-July. Fish get more active which leads to more action on the rod. The scenery on the ocean during the night is very special.

Skrei fishing

In February-April we got the legendary cod fishing in Lofoten. A lot of big Atlantic cod, called Skrei, swim down from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn. Massive schools, with normal catches of fishes around 10-20 kg +. Some fishes even push the scale around the 30 kg mark. We take you out and show this 5000 year old fishery and how the legendary stockfish is produced.


We work together with Hemmingodden fishing lodge in Ballstad. Ballstad is a very scenic fishing village in Lofoten. 

Fully equipped units (kitchen,bedrooms, livingroom). This lodge have fish cleaning stations and big freezer possibilities, so you can get some high quality fish with you back home. Close distance with the boat to our best hunting grounds.

We also offer other housing options. 

Our 24 ft boat
salteriet 5.jpg

Lofoten fishing Camp- the Arctic experience

We know Lofoten and we have put together a camp that gives you the whole Arctic fishing experience.
During the camp we will target different types of fish with different types of techniques.
We got some offshore spots with crazy top water action. Hugh coalfish and cod around the 20 kg mark that hunt pelagic all the way up to the surface. We will also spend time on trying to catch the mighty Atlantic halibut. Every year halibut in sizes over 150 kg/330 pounds are caught in the areas we fish in.
We got the knowledge and gear to catch these big and powerful fishes. Our 24 ft stable aluminum boat have a lot of deck space and a heated cabin to keep us warm and dry.

Our camp location have fully equipped units, kitchen, fish cleaning station and big freezer possibilities to make sure you get some high quality fish with you back home. Since we are a registered fishing camp you are allowed to take 18 kg fish per person out from Norway (otherwise only 10 kg). Supermarket and restaurants within walking distance from the camp.
We arrange transfer from/to Leknes & Svolvær Airport or the ferry stations of Stamsund and Moskenes.



Day 1 Arrival day. We share a nice welcome dinner at the restaurant Heim in the evening and go through important info and plans for the upcoming fishing.

Day 2  We head out on our first day. During the week we will always check the weather report and the guide decide on the best time and place to go for a full day/evening session. Our target species will be cod, coalfish, pollack, halibut and wolffish.

Day 3  Full day/evening fishing after halibut, cod, coalfish and whatever good fish that takes our lures and bait.

Day 4  If the weather allows us, we head to our open ocean fishing ground. This spot is legendary and one of the strongest offshore ocean currents in the world. We know the current and when it’s the best time to fish here. Coalfish pushing the 20 kg mark and cod pushing the 25 kg mark. It's a wild and spectacular place. This area also hold really big halibut and we will ofc have some good long drifts after the Queen of the ocean.

Day 5  We focus hard on halibut and go the distance to make sure we have the best chance of hooking up to one of these big flatties. If we get tired of waiting for the halibut to bite we can switch target to cod, coalfish, pollack, flounder etc.

Day 6  Last day of fishing. Together with the guide the camp guests can work out how they want to spend their last day of fishing.

Total price

13 500:- nok/per person

Includes accommodation at Hemmingodden fishing lodge, professional guiding, fishing gear, fuel, transfer (airport, ferry terminal), welcome dinner and a styrofoam box for the fish.


Extra day Depending on interest of the group it’s possible to extend the camp with one extra day. This must be decided  in the booking process.

2000:- per extra day/per person


If you are a group of 4 people we can design the camp after specific requests. We have local knowledge and are happy to provide numerous options and suggestions for guests who wish to add some extra activities and experiences to your fishing/spearfishing trip. Mountain hiking, outdoor camping, northern light and midnight safari, crab fishing etc. Let us know and we can make it happen.

Design your own camp

Note: The weather can be rough up here. Saftey always comes first and sometimes we are limitied in where we can go with the boat. We will always try to make the best out of a windy day and we got some sheltered areas. If a storm rocks the ocean, our guide will try to set up a good activity on land. There are a lot to see and do in Lofoten

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