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Spearfishing camp
Hunt different types of fish with different types of techniques in stunning surroundings. Sneak up on big size 6-10 kg Pollack in underwater cliffs, hunt big 10-25 kg cod and Coalfish out in the open ocean and ofc search the bottom for the majestic halibut. Other tasty species like lemon sole,monkfish,crab and scallop are also on the target list.
Halibut camp
Late autumn is peak season for halibut. The weather can be harsh, shorter days, cold temperatures and sometimes snow. But more halibut in the shallows and often very good vis. This is the camp if you want to maximize your chances of catching this majestic fish
You need to be minimum 4 divers (max 5) to be able to book a camp. You can be smaller group if the price of 4 is covered.

Only one Halibut camp left for booking 2024. Prime dates 28/10-2/11.

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Note: If you are a group of min 4 persons we can be flexible with dates and duration and set up a camp when it fits you.

For booking of any guided daytrip fishing/spearfishing
also contact us here :

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